BYL Livestock Services


Our experienced dairy agents specialise in the buying and selling of replacements and will ensure all of your requirements are met and the outcome is suited to assist you in managing your farming business.

We endeavour to make the process of buying or selling a herd as seamless as possible and keep you involved and updated by walking you through the entire process. We understand that every herd is different so after identifying your needs through research of your farming practices, we will find the right fit for your requirements. We will then negotiate all terms of sales and purchase and prepare an in-depth/robust contract to give you confidence in working with us.

Sheep and Beef

BYL Livestock can meet all of your sheep and beef requirements. We have essential connections within the industry, in both the export and local market and dedicated, knowledgeable agents in this area who gain the best outcomes for their client base.

Works Cattle
BYL Livestock have a strong allegiance with one of the larger export meat processors in New Zealand therefore are able to provide priority space and premiums on all your works stock.

We have export options for dairy & beef heifers in which we work with reputable, longstanding and trustworthy export companies to deliver the best outcomes all round in regard to your export cattle.

Service Bulls
Our team can fulfil all your service bull requirements, whether you are looking to purchase or lease. BYL Livestock have access to one of the largest bull leasing companies in the Waikato; The Bull Man. Alternatively, we can supply our own bull plan, complete with finance agreements. 


BYL Livestock can provide detailed valuations for your stock. Through experience with large farming corporates we have developed meaningful and personal assessments of livestock that have been supplied to shareholders and financiers. We pride ourselves on the fast turn-around time from when we assess your stock to when you are provided with your livestock valuation.