Our Agents

Bryce Young

Mobile: 027 496 7411
Email: bryce@byl.co.nz
Location: Greater Waikato

Bryce’s 750-acre bull unit is just 15 minutes from the BYL Livestock office in Cambridge. He lives there with his Wife Lyn and two sons.

From his early 20s Bryce has gained expansive industry experience through working in the agriculture and livestock sector both in New Zealand and overseas. 

Bryce began his career as an agent in 1992 before stepping out on his own in 1995 with the ambition to form his own company; Bryce Young Livestock. As Bryce’s business grew so did his team, into what is now a strong team working to strong values.

Bryce explains that a point of difference he and his team have is a strong culture of sharing, this means that expertise within the team are always called on to match the best person to each job.

Bryce is a man who has a genuine interest in people, what they are doing, sharing ideas and doing his part to help them progress. He has loved to see the success his team and clients have had through BYL Livestock and as a progressive company, he looks forward to meeting new clients to grow alongside.

Chris Smith

Livestock Agent
Direct Line: 06 756 8968
Mobile: 027 496 7413
Email: chris@byl.co.nz
Location: Waikato/Taranaki

With his roots in the king country, Chris and his wife currently reside in the rural town of Inglewood, Taranaki.

Chris, with his in-depth knowledge, experience and people skills within the livestock industry is a valuable asset to the BYL Livestock team and clientele.

Chris gained experience in a number of different areas of the industry including his time; milking, calf rearing and driving trucks. It was at the age of 19 that he began his career as a livestock agent and in 2005 was the first to join Bryce at BYL Livestock after working together previously.

Chris enjoys his work, he loves the interaction with the diverse range of people, including his clients. He enjoys the successes and the challenges and firmly believes it’s the people who make the business, which comes across clearly through his approachable and honest work style.

Richard Seavill

Livestock Agent
Mobile: 021 169 8276
Email: richard@byl.co.nz
Location: Huntly/Te Akau/North Waikato

Previously farming in Te Akau, Richard is currently enjoying life closer to town.

Starting at BYL Livestock in 2017 with 20 years of experience within the livestock industry, Richard continues to enjoy the banter he shares with his clients on farm, sitting on the rail looking over a mob of cattle. Having an interest in people, Richard loves seeing what everyone is doing and getting to know them personally.

Richard specializes in sheep, beef and store cattle. He understands the importance of sitting down and going through ones needs, what farm policies they have, matching appropriate buyers and sellers together and keeping them in the loop in order to make sure they are properly looked after and satisfied.

Richard is confident in that he has a strong grasp of the industry and that he is an agent who can walk the walk and talk the talk.

Chris Kyle

Livestock Agent
Direct Line: 07 883 7412
Mobile: 027 496 7412
Email: chrisk@byl.co.nz
Location: Putaruru/South Waikato

Chris lives on a life-style block 10 minutes from Putaruru with his wife and two daughters.

He started as an agent at BYL Livestock in 2017. Along with industry knowledge through managing a 1200-hectare sheep and beef farm and spending 8 years travelling the world shearing competitively, Chris arrived at BYL Livestock with a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Commerce at Lincoln University.

Chris specializes in sheep, beef, dairy beef and bulls and has strong connections with local outlets, adding to his importance within the team.

Achieving the best results for his clients and their business is something that Chris finds very rewarding about his work. He achieves these results that keep people coming back to him by being an honest hardworking member of the team who aims to keep his clients happy through making business easy and tidy for them.

Jason Roberts

Livestock Agent
Direct Line: 07 888 8993
Mobile: 027 707 1271
Email: jason@byl.co.nz
Location: Matamata/Morrinsville/Piako

Jason lives close to town in Matamata with his wife and two daughters, keeping him handy to the BYL Livestock office in Cambridge. 

Joining the BYL Livestock team in 2020, Jason had already been in the game for a long time with 25 years of experience as a livestock agent.

Jason enjoys the consistency that the job brings while being able to meet and work with new people on a regular basis. Along with his skills in buying and selling, Jason is confident in his ability to create opportunities for clients to enhance their business and give sound advice on selling and purchasing while being honest and upfront with no strings attached.

Valuing honesty and integrity, Jason ensures that he displays these attributes in his everyday work making him easy to get along with and trust.

Harrison Levien

Livestock Agent
Mobile: 027 496 7410
Email: harrison@byl.co.nz
Location: King Country/Rotorua/Taupo

Growing up among the farming community in the King Country and spending a lot of time in the Waikato, Harrison is currently living in Rotorua with his partner.

Joining the BYL Livestock team in 2021, Harrison is excited to be reaching his goal of working in the rural sector after training as a stock buyer for a prominent NZ meat company in the off seasons of his rugby career playing for Waikato, Northland and representing New Zealand.

Harrison is loving being part of the BYL Livestock team and travelling around meeting great new people. He is friendly, approachable and is always actively striving to improve and increase his skills and knowledge to be the best man for the job and his clients.